Our Aim

We aim to touch a billion lives through smart & intuitive software that is meant for everybody.

Our Culture

Maxotek is more than a company. It is a vision, it is a commitment, it is our life.


We at Maxotek believe in treating developers like superstars; because they are. You get your own personal office - currently your home.


You choose what you want to work on (with time), when you want to work & how you want to work.


We are always looking for Smart talented unique people in demand. If that's you, drop us an email at: info [at] maxotek [dot] com.

We believe programming languages should not be a bar for software developers. As such, a developer should be able to pickup any language, tool & technology required to do the job. Having said so, these are the technologies we mostly work with.

Java Script

JavaScript is the language of the web. It should not come as a surprise that a company aiming to target the internet users as it's customer base heavily uses JavaScript.

Amazon Web Services

AWS has changed the way web applications are built. You can spin up a hundred systems in minutes and delete them as soon as you are done. Start using re-usable, scalable & resillient web services (at a nominal cost). Best of all, you can do it all using automation.


Perhaps one of the best languages out there. It is fast, modern & rapidly incorporates the best features of other languages. Now, it even runs on Linux!


While it was meant for the Internet, HTML is now everywhere. Thanks to Chromium, it now powers applications on mobile, tablets and even desktops.


Automation is a big part of our work. TeamCity is our choice for implementing Continuous Integration throughout the Devops process.


Like most companies, we use Git for Version Control of our source code. GitLab, GitHub and AWS CodeCommit serve as our repository servers.

Contact Us

We are Omnipresent! You can reach out to us on any of the mediums below.

E-802, Suncity Apartments
105/1 Bidhan Nagar Road
Kolkata - 700067
P: +91 9681044895

Our aim is to have offices across the world so that we can bring in talent from the entire planet!

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